DRG Validation

Diagnostic Related Group Validation: A Critical Component to Accurate Billing

Accurate Coding Requires a Multipronged Approach

Accurate coding with the complexity of clinical medicine, regulatory changes, coding guidelines, and value-based purchasing requires a focused expert pre-bill review. Whether we individualize our review to analytics-based high yield DRGs or perform a comprehensive review, C.F.R. provides DRG validation services on an ongoing basis or as periodic evaluation of the completeness and accuracy of documentation and coding. Coding errors, variability in clinical data interpretation, and changing clinical validity are ubiquitous in healthcare.

Our DRG Validation can be provided by a physician who is an expert in coding and DRG methodology or by highly qualified, certified coding professionals. C.F.R. has integrated knowledge of clinical medicine, coding, and billing which allows for the monitoring and establishment of optimal inpatient coding practices.

With decades of experience and AHIMA certified coding specialists, our staff can provide as needed and ongoing coder education to keep pace with the dynamic world of coding and regulations.

Target High Risk DRGS

Our experience and analytics can tailor our services to where they are most needed.

Improve Hospital VBP and Public Reporting

Concurrent to coding accuracy, our DRG Validation solution includes vetting of Hospital Acquired Conditions and Patient Safety Indicators to assure appropriate reporting for Value Based Purchasing and Pay for Performance measures.

Improve Your Coding Performance.

With comprehensive services, we will meet your needs and your expectations.