Coding and Documentation: C.F.R. provides coding reviews and audits for all areas of coding. C.F.R. has coding expertise in all specialties, for professional and technical coding and for inpatient and outpatient services. Reviews and audits can include evaluation of the completeness and accuracy of the coding and of the clinical documentation. Specific areas of coding reviews and audits frequently include: infusions and injections; oncology clinic services; E&M coding for professional services; Emergency Medicine; Interventional Radiology; Surgical and Medical subspecialties; and inpatient facility coding.


Case Management/Assignment of Level of Service: C.F.R. also provides audits and assessments of case management level of service assignments for inpatient versus observation status. Assessment of the accuracy of level of service assignments along with the assessment of the quality of the clinical documentation available to support inpatient or observation assignment is provided with analysis and recommendations.