Founded in 1993, C.F.R. provides certified coding specialists, registered nurses, and board certified physicians with the experience and expertise necessary to establish optimal documentation, coding and billing for hospitals and physician groups. This integrated knowledge of clinical medicine, documentation issues, coding, and billing allows for the establishment of optimal practices for purposes of billing, measurements of quality, severity of illness, and risk of mortality, and for assignment of level of care.


C.F.R. provides the highest quality coding for all professional or facility services. It has expert coders for every field of medicine and surgery.


C.F.R. provides Clinical Documentation Improvement programs and physician education regarding documentation.


C.F.R. provides assessments of both inpatient and outpatient coding that can evaluate the accuracy of the coding, the completeness of the documentation, and the compliance with coding guidelines.


C.F.R. provides coder education and training.


C.F.R. provides coding compliance audits.


C.F.R. provides RAC support services, including coding and documentation reviews, and RAC appeals.